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THE PATHS OF CZECH SCIENCE wind through the landscape and history of this country usually unnoticed. The exhibition presents stories from the history of natural sciences, set in in the places where they actually happened. Take a look at them through the twelve stops hiding stories from the history of geography, botany, geology, astronomy, genetics or philosophy of nature. They represent symbolical halts in time and place; they offer space to think, find unexpected connotations, create mental representation of events…

The topics the exhibition presents were selected from the twelve educational trails created for this project as mobile applications.

The exhibition is currently running until 10 July 2022 in Jáchymov – Museum of the Royal Mint. Subsequently, the exhibition will take place in the following places:
from Tuesday 12 July 2022 from 5 pm in Beroun – Museum of the Czech Karst, entrance to the geopark from Slapská Street
from Thursday 27 October 2022 from 6 pm in Vrchlabí – Krkonoše Center for Environmental Education "Krtek" in Vrchlabí

Exhibition catalog can be downloaded here.


In progress.


We present a set of twelve virtual trails that you can download to your tablet or smartphone. Each of them is an original story about the developent of the natural sciences in the Czech lands. Take a trip with our guide to visit the mountains, the water, on a cycling trip, by train into the heart of the lunar landscape, or simply by tram in the city. On all of your travels you will learn more about the story in which our current understanding of the world originated.

Download our application to mobile device:

About the Project

What is our aim? We want to create a representative database of as many places as possible that are connected with the development of natural sciences in what is now the Czech Republic, especially in the fields of biology, physics, geology, geography, chemistry and mathematics, and make them available to the public in the form of a map. For now we are leaving aside the medical sciences and are also not mapping the development of technologies. Our project will help to document and preserve our national cultural heritage, and also make it available in a popular and educational form.


Our team consists of researchers from the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague from Department of Philosophy and the History of Natural Sciences and Department of Applied Geoinformatics and Cartography: Tomáš Hermann, Jan Musil, Přemysl Štych, Karolína Pauknerová, Lucie Strnadová, Lenka Ovčáčková, Michaela Nohejlová Zemková, Jakub Kocurek, Roman Figura, Kristýna Mlynaříková, Simona Slezáková, Petr Hampl, Josef Laštovička, Daniel Paluba and Daniel Dobrovolný.


Jaroslav Kříženecký, Ruth J. Weiniger, Martin Krsek, Petra Zíková, Jan Sklenář, Jiří Brabec, Petr Rojík, Jan Matějů, Jaroslav Michálek, Miroslav Radoň, Jan Hirsch

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